Looking to increase the traffic to your website? Looking to give users a reason to keep coming back?

You are able to place the same truck, that we use, on your website. We provide everything (the truck, request forms, user validation, etc), all you need to do is make space on your website and paste the code in and you're done.

What does this do?
The software will allow users to find the parts they need for their truck in one fast and convenient location.

How does this work?
It's easy. We simply provide you a link to put in a frame on your website.

Why have the truck on your site?
The software will generate much more traffic for you again and again. Your users will have one more reason to come to YOUR site looking for their essential truck parts.

What does this truck look like?
We have two flavours of what the truck can look like on your website.
Please keep in mind that both these images are reduced in size.

(Full size: 725px by 430px)

(Full size: 550px by 430px)

They both function as they appear on our page, highlighting the specific part when their mouse hovers over the category name.

Can I choose what categories appear?
Yes, this will require you to contact us but it can be done. It can show 1 category or 6 categories or even none if you just want a nice truck on your website. It's up to you with what you want your users to see.

How much does this cost?
We are offering you this FREE of charge. Best of all, if we ever update our truck, the truck will automatically be updated on your website instantly.

Do I need to contact you to put this on my site?
Only if you do not want to customize the truck, or if you do decide to use it, let us know by email even if it is just to say thank you.

If you do not want to customize it, go ahead and use these ones below
Place this code anywhere in your html body, and it will appear.

Normal - 730px Wide

Smaller - 540px Wide
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